Partnering with Other Experts is Key to Complete Holistic Healthcare

One of the primary goals of holistic medicine is to take into account all aspects of a person. Not just their muscles and bones, not just their heart, not just their personality, and not just the food they're eating. Every aspect of how someone lives their life can and does impact their health and well-being. I attempt to address as many facets of wellness as I possibly can, but I am not an expert in everything, which is why I have a really strong team of other health professionals to whom I refer. I've just opened a Health Partners page on my website so that any of my patients or even anonymous browsers can gain some insight as to whom I work with and why. Check it out!

Health Partners

GMOs: Myth and Reality

It’s time to get serious about GMOs. You’re probably thinking that I mean you shouldn’t be eating any. Well, no. Remember, this is a blog about Chinese Medicine and everything is about balance. I’ve had several conversations in the past few months that went something like this:

Other Person - “I can’t eat that and you shouldn’t either, it has GMOs!”

Me - “Right, it was produced by GMOs, but this doesn’t have any GMO material in it. Your organic apple is technically GMO too.”

Other Person - blank look…. “But that has GMOs!”

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The Protein Myth

My garden is starting to produce, well, produce. Anyone else's? It is time, once again, to answer that question on the minds of everyone considering modifying their diet to the healthier end of the spectrum. Yes, vegetarians get enough protein. No, you don't need to have meat to get your protein. No, you don't even need to have protein every day unless you're an athlete. No, that shaky, lightheaded feeling isn't because you haven't had any protein during the day (a myth that I'll thank my mother for ingraining in me from an early age).  Check out this brief article and some of the cited sources on Forks Over Knives!

New Hours in Tangletown

 The increasing demand for Tuesday and Thursday evening appointments has led me  to expand hours! I am now accepting patients Tuesday - Friday from 6pm - 9pm, and 4pm - 7pm on Saturdays. If you have been holding off coming in because you were working too late, this is good news!

Measles In California

Governor Jerry Brown of California just today signed a bill that removes the religious and personal exemption from vaccination clause from public school requirements. Being an acupuncturist and an integrative medicine practitioner is tricky business when approaching vaccines. I am generally opposed to most vaccines, especially the flu shot, but I in no way link vaccines and autism. I find it very important to point out that not a single person died from this most recent outbreak, nor the one before (which was larger), nor the one before that, etc back over a decade. Check out these statistics

Vaccination for diseases like measles should always be a personal decision. In part because we have tools like acupuncture and herbs to deal with potential infections, and in part because it is our body and therefore your decision. If you have questions or concerns about vaccines I am more than happy to discuss them with you. Including both the pro's and con's, but more importantly the why's and how's of vaccines and their interaction with your immune system and potential alternatives. 

World Health Organization and Acupuncture

One of the most common questions I am asked is "can acupuncture treat _____?" The short answer is generally, yes. The explanation of how and the efficacy for each condition will of course vary. Here is an up to date list of what the World Health Organization considers acupuncture to be effective at treating. This list is by no means complete  or exclusionary - remember, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been a stand alone medical system for thousands of years!

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