Black Sesame Seeds Combat the Effects of Aging!

chinese herbs black sesame

What is a medicinal herb, and what is just food? Sometimes the artificial designations we, as humans, impose on the world of plants creates some confusion. Everyone is familiar with the confusion of tomatoes belonging to either the fruit or vegetable world depending on the source, right?

Regardless of where you categorize plants, the fact remains that they all impart some effect on the body. Sometimes that effect is minuscule, and sometimes it is pretty dramatic. Sometimes things that taste delicious are also useful medicines. Such is the case with black sesame seeds!

Black sesame seeds, or Hei Zhi Ma as they are known in Chinese, are one of the best foods to incorporate into your diet as you age. They are used to boost the yin of the body and are added to formulas for treating blurry vision, tinnitus, anemia, and constipation. They're even used to combat grey hair! Tahini is easily incorporated into your diet in hummus, salad dressings, and even in baked goods, while the seeds themselves can be roasted and added to everything from oatmeal to burgers.