Measles In California

Governor Jerry Brown of California just today signed a bill that removes the religious and personal exemption from vaccination clause from public school requirements. Being an acupuncturist and an integrative medicine practitioner is tricky business when approaching vaccines. I am generally opposed to most vaccines, especially the flu shot, but I in no way link vaccines and autism. I find it very important to point out that not a single person died from this most recent outbreak, nor the one before (which was larger), nor the one before that, etc back over a decade. Check out these statistics

Vaccination for diseases like measles should always be a personal decision. In part because we have tools like acupuncture and herbs to deal with potential infections, and in part because it is our body and therefore your decision. If you have questions or concerns about vaccines I am more than happy to discuss them with you. Including both the pro's and con's, but more importantly the why's and how's of vaccines and their interaction with your immune system and potential alternatives.